Finally, A JavaScript Tutorial That’s Just For Me

In a previous post, I mentioned I knew jack squat when it comes to JavaScript.  I’ve tried tutorials on the W3Schools website, read through content on MDN, skimmed cool looking videos on Envato Tutsplus, but none of these resonated with me.  They held my attention for 2.5 seconds before I resigned myself to just taking a class in JavaScript next semester.  Yet the frustrating part was I wanted to learn JavaScript and I wanted to learn it now!

After doing some more digging, I found this tutorial on JavaScript for the absolute beginner on  I felt the clouds part and a golden light shine down – finally, a tutorial I understand!  I wanted to kiss my laptop screen.  Seriously.

Everyone had their own unique style of learning.  It’s not a one size fits all approach, so finding something that captures your attention and breaks concepts down in ways you can comprehend is close to miraculous.  What I like about this tutorial is it does just that.  It starts with the very basics – having an external script file versus having the script in your HTML.  Then it goes on to dissect variables and their syntax instead of simply presenting a table of data types and operators.  Logic, looping, conditionals, object, function, and arrays are also touched on, with each lesson building on the previous one.  The code is stripped down and very easy to follow. also offers intermediate and advanced lessons in JavaScripting – which I plan to check out as soon as I’m comfortable with the basics.


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