Teamwork in Web Development

Teamwork makes the dream work.  A phrase my four-year old learned from daycare – one he often parrots when he’s helping me pick up toys or empty the dishwasher.  And one that couldn’t summarize teamwork better.

From an early age, we’re taught the value of teamwork – whether it’s playing on a sports team or completing a school project.  But teamwork doesn’t end once you’re out of school.  It’s a well-documented business practice.  There are countless books and online resources dedicated to the subject.

It’s no different in the world of web development.

The scope of web development extends far beyond just knowing how to code HTML.  Coding is a part of it, but depending on the size of the site and its goal, the addition of team members is not only a benefit in distributing the workload, it ultimately benefits the client in getting a website that meets their organization’s needs.

For a list of roles and benefits having a good web development team can bring, check out the following links: — includes a breakdown of roles not typically thought of as part of a web team, such as sales and marketing, as well as a section on finding good team members — includes a nice infographic detailing how a site can easily scale beyond the capabilities of a single Webmaster. — provides a detailed look at some of the more typical roles in web development.


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