Promoting Your Website

When it comes to promoting your website, one thing is certain — everyone has an opinion about what you should do.  A Google search of the topic reveals countless tips, tricks, and the all-time favorite: checklists.  It can seem a little overwhelming, having one link promise to teach your 24 proven methods of web marketing, while another link can teach the same thing in only 5 easy steps.  Which one do you choose?  Do you take the time to wade through them all or play eeny-meeny-miny-mo and hope you pick the very best one?

Deciding to save myself some sanity for the sake of this post, I added one key word to my search: Envato.

I’m not gonna lie — I love Envato.  Their tuts+ site is chock full of quick design hacks and inspiration.  It was an invaluable tool when I worked as a graphic designer.  Envato’s main site is also full of helpful tips, and I soon found a simple, concise article that summed up what all the other links were trying to say — interactivity is the secret.

Envato’s post, titled How to Increase Your Website Conversions, discusses some easy, common sense ways to increase visitor traffic to your site.  Updating often with blog posts, videos, tutorials, and more helps keep your content fresh, giving visitors an impetus to return.  Giving visitors the chance to contribute to your site through user generated content, like discussion boards or forums, is another way to not only increase traffic, but it also gives visitors a sense of ownership.

The Internet is all about being connected.  It unites communities across the globe.  The best way for a website to foster connection is simply by being present and interactive with its visitors.




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