HMTL 5.2 – in with the old?

An interesting read detailing what’s in development for the next version release of HTML.

HTML5: Where the core web technology is headed now

One of the features that most interests me is the (tentative) <menu> element.  Like the <ul> tag, the <menu> element represents an unordered list — and that’s the extent of their similarities.   The <ul> tag is static, only showing items for display.  The <menu> element lends a degree of interactivity for the end user, according to Mozilla’s Developer Network.

The <menu> element was deprecated in HTML 4 and brought back for 5.1.  Currently, Firefox is the only browser that supports it.

In addition to recycling deprecated elements, the biggest thing for HTML5’s next release is security.  Not surprising, considering cybersecurity seems to be the current “it” field in the realm of I.T. given this past election and the recent WannaCry ransomware attack.  The W3 wants to up its game in web security, going beyond just passwords and opting for multifactor authentication.  This is still in development and it would be interesting to see how it plays out.


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