CSS Grid — an end to Bootstrap?

The CSS Grid Advantage

I’m probably going to be excommunicated from the design community for saying this, but I’ve never been a fan of Bootstrap.  Sure it looks pretty and the overall design is clean — and that’s about where my fondness for it ends.  I can understand and see the appeal of using the framework for laying out a site quickly and efficiently — but, as is often the case with good design gone wild, its use balloons into an unnecessary trend.  People equate “modern” and “updated” with a Bootstrap framework, turning websites into carbon copies of one another.  Not only does this limit design, it makes a site seem less personable — there is no unique touch, nothing that sets it apart from any other webpage.

I remember thinking Bootstrap was it as far as web design and layout.  It had surpassed being a buzzword, had moved beyond hipster website design and became the rule rather than the exception.  Nothing could topple it.  And I still don’t think Bootstrap is going anywhere for some time, but I do think it’s being challenged.

CSS seems to be catching up (finally).

CSS Grid has been in development for quite a few years, and it wasn’t until March 2017 that it had browser support.  There is one caveat, though: CSS Grid is only supported through the newest releases of Chrome, Safari, IE, and Firefox.  However, CSS Grid is native.  You don’t have to download it (unlike Bootstrap) or include it from a CDN — it’s already there.  But perhaps one of the biggest plusses is the versatility of grids.  It puts the design back in the hands of the developer, allowing you to play around with a multitude of layouts, enabling customization for clients’ sites.


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